All aboard meeples

All a-board festival! Your gaming holiday in Croatia

May 26th - 29th 2016 in Zagreb, Croatia

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*** Registration is open! ***
Join us for a weekend of board gaming in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia from May 26th - 29th 2016.
We have secured a venue for this year's gaming in Hostel Caffe Time, a 5min walk from the main city square. Please let us know if you need help with organizing your travel or acommodation. Room and board is available in the hostel on-site.
For more info visit our registration & fees page and 2nd festival overview to get a feel of the atmosphere and check out this year's schedule.


Enjoy access to our library of 300+ board games, an open gaming floor, tutorials and workshops, tournaments with a friendly atmosphere, theme nights and the flea market (bring anything game-related except fleas).... you'll have plenty of gaming activities you can choose from and we believe EVERYBODY will find something they can enjoy. Please check out the schedule.


The All a-board gaming festival is being organized in Zagreb, Croatia - our home town!


If you cannot find answers in our Q&A section, please add a Q and we'll add an A, or contact us .

We are listening

The All a-board festival is created by gamers for gamers, and WE ARE LISTENING to all your suggestions and ideas. Check out what we thought of, let us know what you would like to experience, which games you would like to play, how you would like to get involved. Please, do not forget to sign up for our newsletter!